To get every child living in the slums of India off the streets and into school by transforming
these communities into humming economic marketplaces and highly productive Self Help


projectHELP is an innovative trade, social security and environmental initiative developed in
line with the government’s vision of a slum free India by 2022.


By providing quality skill training and creating livelihood at mass level.


  • Over 65 million people live in the slums of India.
  • A child goes missing in India every eight minutes.
  • In 2011 almost 60,000 children were reported missing from a total of 28 states and union territories. Of these more than 22,000 are yet to be located.
  • Children living in slum communities are most at risk of being kidnapped by criminal gangs to fuel a growing black market in child labour, prostitution and child abuse,
  • Education is the only way to change the destiny of the next generation of slums dwellers across India, ensuring their future is built on a strong foundation and enabling them to free themselves from the vicious circle of ignorance, poverty and disease.

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