About Us

Lakshya Aakriti Foundation (LAF) is a reputed national not-for-profit organisation committed to transforming slum communities through training, employment and education in line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of a slum free India by 2022.

This inspirational organisation has already enriched the lives of thousand’s of children in desperate need and they have big plans for the future through a visionary pilot project designed to get vulnerable children off the streets and into school by transforming these communities into humming economic marketplaces and highly productive Self Help Groups.

To protect & provide for the vulnerable children & women of our world!


Lakshya Aakriti Foundation is a Delhi based charity committed to providing vulnerable children with a future through protection, education, shelter, medical care, the chance to reconnect with family and most importantly  love.

Beginning in 2011, Lakshya Aakriti Foundation started working for the school dropout children, and the kids living on street, with special focus on the one who are the victims of child trafficking.

In May 2012 projectHELP was born – a groundbreaking community outreach program in aid of twenty-three children living in appalling conditions in a New Delhi slum. In Aug 2013 we helped these 9 families to shift with other families living inside the Park area (they call it Jungle or Jheel) so that they should feel safe while living in the cluster of jhuggis.

Team Lakshya focus on providing a child centered family structure for the children in our care. Every child is precious to us. We believe that education is power and to this end, our children are educated in great schools. We treat a child’s development holistically and provide them with a well rounded experience – much as you would for your own children.

Last year a new and exciting partnership was formed between Forget Me Not, Australia and Lakshya Aakriti Foundation (LAF) to transform the lives of some of India’s most vulnerable children.

This Campaign has ended. No more pledges can be made.