Project HELP


Our goal is to free the children of Kalyanpuri Slum from the hardship and suffering that has spanned three generations. Recently we have helped shifting nine families with only a few plastic sheets between them who reside on the side of a busy road inside the park area (Jheel). The children have had little hope for the future – until now.


projectHELP is divided into four stages – Health, Education, Livelihood and Possibilities, with the empowerment of women an important part of the strategy in a bid to find a long term, sustainable solution to the serious issues faced by this community.

Step 1 serves to meet the urgent medical and nutritional needs of the children, provide safe drinking water, adequate sanitation, shelter and basic training in health and hygiene.

Step 2 Further to the Brighter Futures Study Center now we need to organize enrollment of 80 children into the formal school system in 2015. Vocational training for the parents will also be held from the study center after hours.

Step 3 is designed to bring future independence to the families by assisting the children’s parents secure full time employment or start a small business via the micro-finance and mentoring program.

Step 4 involves working with local government to relocate the children and their families to safe, secure housing; creating the possibility for the children to live a quality of life they have only ever dreamed of.

“The great use of life is to spend it for something that outlasts it.”

~ William James


Children living in disadvantaged communities in India are extremely vulnerable to chronic malnourishment, life threatening disease, abuse and corruption.
Providing a quality education while empowering the children’s family and local community is the key to changing lives for the better long term. Ultimately real and lasting change is brought about by the positive actions of many – one child at a time.
Thank you for taking the time to watch the projectHELP presentation and considering our proposal.

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